About Erica

My Mama was a lady full of talent in so many areas. Sewing was one of her most talented areas. While growing up she tried to encourage me to learn and being the rebellious girl that I was I refused. I spent many hours in her sewing room because that's where she was most of the time. During those times we talked and I ironed, cut and ripped seams, because that's what she told to me to do :). My Mama passed in 2001. About 5 years ago something said buy a sewing machine and the rest is history for me. I watched many YouTube videos and realized that my Mama had taught me more than I realized. With that I have come to Love Sewing and creating and do so with a heart full of Love. I select many of my fabrics based on things that I am passionate about. I hope you are able to feel the love in my creations and pray that you also are Blessed to find something that feels you with as much love as my craft does.